What’s new in IOSACal

Release news for IOSACal.

Release 0.4 (released 2018-05-08)

The main highlight of this release are the new classes for summed probability distributions (SPD) and paleodemography, contributed by Mario Gutiérrez-Roig as part of his work for the PALEODEM project at IPHES.

On the technical side:

  • requires NumPy 1.14, SciPy 1.1 and Matplotlib 2.2
  • removed dependencies on obsolete functions
  • improved the command line interface

Release 0.3 (released 2016-04-15)

  • use genfromtxt to import calibration curves
  • improved documentation
  • intervals as a well-defined type
  • restore AD/BC dates in both text and graphic output

Release 0.2 (released 2014-02-14)

Main highlights:

  • new function to combine multiple determinations (Ward & Wilson 1978)
  • a simple and straightforward set of commands to get started
  • amazing interactive mode with IPython Notebook
  • plotting multiple dates in a stacked plot actually works
  • added several older calibration curves (useful to check published data)

On the technical side:

  • works with Python 3 only, dropped compatibility with Python 2
  • requires NumPy 1.8 and Matplotlib 1.3
  • calibration curves and calibrated ages are ndarray objects, super-easy to work with

Known issues:

  • AD/BC dates in output are not available, all dates are given as CalBP